It’s Payback Time for Telemaketers

by Allison Harvard

Innovation doesn’t only make life easier; it can make cash, too.  Such is the case for Lee Beaumont, whose plight involved the heavy intrusion of cold calling telemarketers.

Okay, so it’s not exactly the first time.  Last year in particular, Richard Herman of Middlesex had waged war against a particular cold caller by taking it to the small claims court.  At the end of his tale, Richard was paid £195 and £25 for his time, electricity, and court costs.  In other words, he even ‘earned’ cash.

This year provides an interesting twist for this payback scenario.  Lee made this tweak to “want cold calls” instead of having to hate them:

Using a service called PhonepayPlus, Beaumont charges incoming callers 10 pence to connect and additional charges for the longer he stays on the line.

Outwitting a number of telemarketers, Lee was able to beat Richard Herman’s figures (£300).  The service provider, on the other hand, advised against the use of its service for such purpose, as it may hold them liable for breaches.

In Lee’s defence, he makes the charges clear to these telemarketers.  Furthermore, it is in this telemarketer’s persistence that the line gets through and charges accrue.

More anti-cold call ideas

Perhaps, you want to end your very own cold calling issues.  BBC, for instance, provides four steps to get ahead of these telemarketers:

  1. 1.   Let them know they’re not welcome
  2. 2.   Check who’s calling
  3. 3.   Put a sign on your door
  4. 4.   Wage war en masse

It would also pay to educate yourself about the electronic communications regulations.  This will ensure that you do know what particular rights of yours are being violated by these incessant telemarketers.

Perhaps, you may avoid from getting things all hustled to court if (a) at first call, you give the telemarketer a hint about your knowledge of the regulations, and (b) at the succeeding call, elaborate your plans of bringing this to court.

At your second warning, start playing at the background the recorded cold calls (just like Richard, you got to have proof).  That’s an extra shiver for the telemarketer.

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