Writing whilst Unwinding

by Allison Harvard

Are you getting a wee bit tired sitting at the same ergonomic chair, tapping away time with cohesive thoughts and words?  If you tried transferring your writing routines up the light room, into the dining room, outdoors – and still, the itch to escape remains alive.

Perhaps, you got bitten by the travel bug!  And with writing projects not inching down, you know you can’t leave it even a single sec.  In this case, the concept of a “writing escapade” sounds attractive, if not intriguing.

To help you fan out excitement, here are three factors to consider: the new goal, writing paraphernalia, and suitable location.

Set a flexible range of goals

Because you’re out in a new or simply, tranquil place, you need to adjust your goals.  When you decided to went out, it wasn’t just for bringing writing out in the sun, oh no.  It was also for you to unwind, to rejuvenate, reflect and immerse yourself in a different setting.

Hence, consider the hours you will set for traipsing and for scribbling.  Think of the best arrangement that will work wonder on your targets: write first, and then go out, or vice versa?

Importantly, look at the goals you could actually hit, taking into account that you’re not staying put in the whole duration of your stay.  In short, set a minimum and maximum target.  The minimum ensures that you’re not abandoning a good bulk of your writing project.  The maximum target, on the other hand, guarantees that you need not work more – and that you could go reward yourself a whole night’s bar-hopping, morning dive, and so forth.

Writing kit

Bringing your writing project out usually entails considering things you don’t usually think of (when you’re at your writing hub).  For instance, working on your PC or laptop requires an uninterrupted stream of electricity or full battery (for laptops).

In line to choosing your place, you’d want to check if their electrical connection is good, as is the internet connection or Wi-Fi hotspots.  And with a tech gear you’d be bringing around, ponder about the place’s security and privacy.

Other writing backups, like USBs or paper-plus-pens, could come in handy.

Settle for the Right Spot

The best spot is a place that exudes the kind of vibe you want transmitted in your piece.  If you’re working on a fiction set on a tropical island, anywhere sandy would do.

Some writing spots could already be provided right at your reserved room (eg, simple wooden desk close to the window pane for light’s sake).  There may be other facilities, such as a quite cafe or mini-office.

But, seriously, get creative! Bring out a mat and lay it under the shade of a tree.  A plush pillow and a sturdy material for a table (eg, small chest, thick book) – and viola!  You’ve made yourself a writing haven right next to nature’s bounty of light, wind and colours.


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